Additional Information

Public Relations

Public Relations is the centerpiece of what we do. Public Relations can provide a very cost effective way of obtaining media exposure. We can work with you to develop successful Public Relations campaigns that will incorporate TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media. Public Relations can allow you to tell a more complete story and to keep your offering top of mind to your constituents.


Marketing is important for the success of any event or product offering. We can help develop integrated marketing campaigns including rack cards, invitations, gallery guides, annual reports, newsletters, e-newsletters, social media, event banners and street banner campaigns. By creating a strong image across all mediums, your marketing campaign can become greater than the sum of its parts. Pieces can also be customized to appeal to different target audiences. We can also work with you to create successful marketing partnerships that can bring additional resources to the table with little monetary investment.


Developing a comprehensive communications strategy is an excellent big picture approach. We can help audit the different communications vehicles already in place and help develop a plan that makes the best use of your resources. We can also help with long term planning to help overcome slower seasons and also to reach new audiences. Our creative approach will help you maximize your existing assets and work with event scheduling and partnering to expand your reach.

Media Events

A successful media event can help ensure the success of your project. We can work with you to develop creative ideas that will attract media attention. We can also oversee the logistics of your media event. From booking talent to providing staging and lighting, we can handle all events great and small. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Let us help you create a strategy that will bring in the most coverage for your project.

Crisis Management

While you can’t always foresee a crisis, you can certainly take steps to be prepared when it happens. We can help you manage a crisis from internal strategy to balancing the viewpoints of legal and public relations. We can help you deliver timely updates to the media and act in a way that will minimize the damage to the reputation of the organization. A well managed crisis can eliminate the need for ongoing damage control.


Advertising is an important part of any communications plan. Advertising is one of the strongest tools a client can use in brand building. We can work with clients to create impactful copy and effective designs that will translate across all appropriate mediums. We can also help develop media plans that will deliver results.